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Marble polishing: how to make your marble floor shine again

If you have a marble floor and it’s starting to lose its shine, don’t worry – we can help! In this article, we discuss the best ways to polish your marble floor, so that it looks like new again. So if your marble floor is looking a little dull, read on for some tips on how to bring it back to its former glory!

Cleaning marble

The first step in the polishing process is to clean the marble. This is important because you need to remove any dirt or grime that may be on the surface before you start polishing. You can do this by sweeping the floor with a soft broom or using a hoover with a soft brush attachment.

Once you have removed the loose dirt and debris, it is time to start scrubbing the floor. Marble is porous, so soap scum and dirt will get into the marble. You clean this with a strong cleaning agent and a special coarse diamond pad.

Polishing marble by hand?

Polishing marble by hand is not a good idea. It is difficult to apply exactly the same pressure everywhere by hand. This can lead to uneven results and even scratches on the surface. A special polishing machine will give you more even results. These also work with special diamond polishing pads.

Polishing the marble

The polishing itself is best done with a special polishing machine and polishing pads that have an artificial diamond in them. This ensures a nice smooth and even result.

How often should I polish my marble floor?

In general, it is recommended to polish your marble floor every six months to keep it at its best. But if you have a lot of traffic in your home, it may need to be done more often.

Wet or dry polishing?

When polishing your marble floor, you can do it either wet or dry. Wet polishing is generally considered safer as there is less chance of damaging the surface. Dry polishing is faster and can be more effective in some cases. But the chance of damage is much greater.

Marble polishing is a simple process, but it is important to take your time and to be careful. Marble polishing can bring out the natural beauty of your stone and help protect it from stains and etching.